Should You Buy Bitcoin? | Common Sense Investing

Should You Buy Bitcoin? | Common Sense Investing

In my final video, I advised you about what Bitcoin is. There isn’t a doubt that bitcoin relies on an thrilling new cryptocurrency expertise with doubtlessly widespread functions.

In at present’s video, I’m going to be discussing Bitcoin as an funding. How Bitcoin goes to carry out within the long-term is anybody’s guess. With out long-term information on Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency, it isn’t attainable to make an evidence-based choice about investing in it.

Thanks for watching. My identify is Ben Felix of PWL Capital and that is Widespread Sense Investing. I’ll be speaking about much more widespread sense investing subjects on this sequence, so subscribe, and click on the bell for updates. I’d additionally like to learn your ideas and questions on this video within the feedback. In my subsequent video, I’ll discuss why not all index funds are created equal.

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