SWITZERLAND: the CRYPTOCURRENCY capital? – VisualPolitik EN

SWITZERLAND: the CRYPTOCURRENCY capital? – VisualPolitik EN

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain know-how are on trend. Then once more, that is nonetheless a reasonably unsure world, unregulated and with fairly little authorized security. On the subject of Preliminary Coin Choices (ICOs), scams have multiplied within the newest years. ICOs have turn into a typical means for getting funding for a startup. As a substitute of in search of a VC fund, you launch your individual cryptocurrency and let non-public buyers purchase and commerce these. However, being on an entire authorized void, it’s pretty simple to rip-off and cheat. Lots of people have already misplaced their cash.
However all of that is about to vary. There’s one nation that wishes to pioneer ICO regulation: Switzerland. Having the World’s largest crypto firm, this nation has the very best Blockchain consultants. Their authorities understands the potential this know-how has. However they don’t need to let scammers spoil it. On this video, we are going to clarify you ways are they gonna do it.

*Analysis made by Isaac Saslavsky

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